About Us

Bremal Boxers is a family venture located on 2 acres in the small rural town of Bee Cave Texas in the beautiful Hill Country. Our love of boxers began in 1991 when our son decided that he "needed" a boxer for his 9th birthday. Little did we know that a child's request would change our lives forever. Reebok, a plain fawn male, was chosen by our son as the perfect match. Boy and dog took to one another as I've not witnessed before. Not long after, a brindle girl, Nike, joined our little family. Over the next few years several boxers found their way into our hearts. After losing two to cancer within a relatively short time, we found ourselves without a dog. A friend gave us a beautiful Golden Retreiver puppy, Gretta. She soon filled the void and we loved her deeply still, she wasn't a boxer.

Our son grew up, moved away from home and we found ourselves with an empty nest so we jumped head first into a new endeavor - we adopted three young children! Remembering how wonderful our boxers had been with our son and knowing that I would need some "mom alone" time, I decided to seek out a show prospect boxer puppy. This is where Cajun comes into the picture. Cajun finished his championship quickly and I've been hooked on showing since!

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